My name is Rick Christ. I have been happily married for many years (I’m pretty sure my wife would say the same thing!). We’ve been blessed, although the road was sometimes rocky. Sadly, we’ve also seen the marriages of some friends and family members fall apart.

I’m an analytical guy and a few years ago I was led to document what I’d learned about marriage from my own experiences and from observing others. When I finished, it looked to me like I had something valuable to share, and I wanted to help others avoid divorce.

I showed my notes to my sister, a professional counselor with more than 20 years in marriage counseling. She provided extensive constructive criticism and input and encouraged me to go public. I decided then to create this web site to provide FREE help to those who want to repair a troubled marriage, strengthen an existing marriage, or build a solid foundation for a recent or upcoming marriage. 


Here are some key things you should know about this site before you go any further. The site is:

FREE - I created it because I want every married couple to find the joy and happiness that a good marriage can bring. 

Professional - The material presented here was developed under the guidance of a licensed clinical therapist and represents thousands of hours of discussions with, and observations of, real married people, both successful and unsuccessful in their marriages. What we have ended up with is what really works and doesn’t work in marital relationships.

Extensive - I present over 50 topics on just about every aspect of married life. 

Concise - enddivorce.com was designed with today’s busy person in mind. I present the material in bite-size chunks, each of which can be accessed and read in a few minutes, but will provide food for thought for hours when you are not on the site.

Logical - I believe you will find that what you read on enddivorce.com makes sense. I tried to structure the site in a well-organized manner, and the principles are presented in a way that hopefully will help you to understand, accept, and make them a part of your marriage and life. The material will also help you decide if you need professional face-to-face counseling.

Moral - The principles presented on enddivorce.com are consistent with Catholic, other Christian, and Jewish teachings, and with those of most other major religions.

Private - I think enddivorce.com is a great way to take a look at your marriage or prepare for marriage in private. You can work alone or, ideally, with your partner. 


Click on the Tour link above to get started. My hope is that you will learn things here that will make a positive difference in your life and your marriage.


Rick Christ

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